What Is lime caviar?

Our lime caviar is the world’s first spoonable frozen finger lime pearls ~ 100% pure and natural. Exquisite in colour and texture, it’s available all year round unlike fresh finger limes and offers unsurpassed versatility and convenience for users. Simply spoon out the required amount and place the container back in the freezer. Available in four varieties (all natural colours) Emerald (green), Chartreuse (yellow/green), Pink Pearl (pink) and Sunrise (red). Each variety has slightly different flavour notes and all are delicious. We extract the pearls from their skins and quick freeze them in individual containers.

Our lime caviar has no additives, no preservatives and the colours are all natural.

“We produce our lime caviar using a process developed and refined over a number of years. It’s a product which is innovative, delicate, colourful and haute cuisine ready. We are proudly exporting our multi-award winning product to a number of overseas countries including, but not limited to, Denmark, France, India, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.” 

Ian Douglas

lime caviar pairs beautifully with all seafood, including oysters, sushi and sashimi, desserts, salads, curries including Asian and Indian, yogurt and ice-cream, cocktails, gin and tonic, vodka and champagne. Our lime caviar has revolutionised how finger limes are used around the world.

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