How to buy lime caviar – International Trade

Sunrise 90g
Chartreuse 90g
Chartreuse 90g
Pink Pearl 90g
Emerald 90g
Sunrise 45g
Sunrise 45g
Chartreuse 45g
Charteuse 45g
45g carton - Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl 45g
Emerald 45g
Emerald 45g


Our lime caviar is available for year-round International Trade 

Demand for lime caviar is expanding world-wide. Its market potential is largely untapped. It is available year-round. We can deliver as required. We export regularly to businesses operating in and in connection with the food sectors of a number of countries. Our lime caviar product can be served frozen and it’s conveniently spoonable when frozen. It should be freezer stored at minus 18°C or colder pending use or retail sale.

Your country’s importing laws

We can deliver our lime caviar to you if the import laws of your country allow its entry. It is allowed to be imported into Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.A.E., the Seychelles, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Your country’s biosecurity laws

We might be unsure about your biosecurity laws, particularly if the product has not yet been imported into your country. If that is the case, we will ask you to advise us of any special requirements that must be met before we can send you a first consignment. Australia’s biosecurity officers will not allow a consignment to be dispatched from Brisbane unless they know that it will be allowed to enter your country.

Your order must satisfy our minimum order requirements

We can deliver to you if your order satisfies our minimum order requirement of:

  • 80 x 45g cartons
  • 40 x 90g cartons
  • 20 x 180g cartons
  • as otherwise agreed

We may agree to supply you with our lime caviar in 500g lots to meet a special need. Such orders can only be serviced between mid February and mid April. 

How our lime caviar is packed

Our lime caviar is a quick frozen product. It comes in food grade containers in 22.5g lots (or 45g lots if requested during our January to June processing season) and packed in insulated cartons ready for immediate use or retail sale;

  • 45g cartons – 2 x 22.5g lots (or 1 x 45g lots)
  • 90g cartons – 4 x 22.5g lots (or 2 x 45g lots)
  • 180g cartons – 8 x 22.5g lots (or 4 x 45g lots)

Your country’s food labelling requirements

Your country’s food labelling requirements must be complied with. We will communicate with you about those requirements.

Deliveries will be to an agreed international airport

We will deliver to an agreed international airport for customs clearance and pick-up by you or your customs agent. Your consignment will be delivered in accordance with Incoterm CPT (Carriage Paid To).


You must pay for your consignment BEFORE it is dispatched. A Commercial Invoice will be emailed to you. Payment must be made by international bank transfer.

To order or for further information

Please contact us by email, phone or text.
+61 417 373 073 (Ian Douglas)
+61 419 542 082 (Margie Douglas)

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