The Lime Caviar Company

The Company is an innovative grower of Australia’s unique native finger limes and the exclusive producer and primary supplier of lime caviar.

We are located high in the stunning Scenic Rim mountains of south east Queensland. The farm and processing facility is family owned and developed. The seriously innovative lime caviar product was launched onto the market in late April 2018. It has won several prestigious accolades, including two delicious. Produce Awards Gold Medals and The Outstanding Innovation Trophy 2017. Now a significant exporter, the Company is a dynamic market leader and the only producer of the world’s first spoonable frozen finger lime pearls product. We take great pride in the ongoing relationships that we have with our many Australian and international customers, with the personalised service we offer and provide and in the gourmet quality, convenience and long frozen shelf life of our magnificent lime caviar.

 “We produce our lime caviar using IP developed and refined over a number of years. It is a product that is delicate, delicious, colourful and haute cuisine ready. Truely gourmet. The export of lime caviar is not prohibited by the phytosanitary import barriers that are in place in many overseas countries. We export the product to Denmark, France, Italy, India, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand and other countries.”

 Ian & Margie Douglas 

Ian & Margie Douglas , Owners and Managers of The Lime Caviar Company.

We produce our lime caviar by extracting the pearls from the skins of high quality fresh finger limes and quick freezing them according to food safe standards. It has no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colouring, is gluten free, allergen free and vegan. lime caviar is fresh-like in taste, appearance and pearl structure, can be served frozen from the food safe containers and has a frozen shelf life of at least twelve months. It is convenient to use, available year-round, has myriad culinary uses and thaws during plating up. The Company is Food Licensed, HACCP certified, FDA registered and registered to export to Italy. We proudly supply many customers in Australia including restaurants, hotels, caterers, providores and retailers and we export our lime caviar around the world.

Our lime caviar is of gourmet quality and haute cuisine ready and a delight to chefs and bartenders!

delicious. Produce Award Winner
delicious. Produce Award Winner - Gold Medallist

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