About finger limes – Australia’s native citrus

Australia’s Native Citrus

The finger lime is Australia’s ancient native citrus – citrus australasica. It is found in the wild in and about the rainforests of south east Queensland and the northern rivers of New South Wales. There are many variants. Inside the skins are hundreds of juice-filled pearls (vesicles) that ‘pop’ in the mouth with bursts of exquisite flavour. Finger limes are high in vitamin C, folate and antioxidants.

They were used by indigenous Australians for thousands of years as a food additive and medicinally. The colour of the pearls differs naturally from one variant to another and within variants.

Read what acclaimed chef Rene Redzepi had to say about The lime caviar Company’s finger limes.

Nigella Lawson is also a huge fan of this Australian native citrus.

"Finger limes are tiny, elongated citrus fruits that come in an array of colors, and the fruit inside them is made up of tiny little juice-filled spheres that hold their shape until you put them in your mouth. Then they burst open with a satisfying, juice-filled pop. Lawson called them “the caviar of the citrus world,” and they’ve also been likened to Pop Rocks". Nigella Lawson.
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