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The Lime Caviar Company and Australia's Finger Lime Caviar    

Our 2017 season has come to an end. Fresh finger limes will not be available again until late December at the earliest. Frozen finger limes can still be ordered in lots of 40kg or more. We thank all of our customers in Australia, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand for their loyal support

We are major growers and suppliers of Australian native finger limes, the unique and ancient citrus – citrus australasica. Our property is situated in the stunning Scenic Rim mountains of south east Queensland, Australia.

We pick-to-order and proudly supply both Australian and International markets.

The world demand for finger limes, fresh and frozen, is ever increasing. Join the party!

The Lime Caviar Company and its finger limes have been the passion of Ian and Margie Douglas for more than ten years. Together, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the growing and supplying high quality Finger Lime Caviar.

Every piece of fruit we've picked has been sold and next year I imagine the same thing would happen.

- Ian Douglas

We directly supply many customers within Australia with fresh and frozen finger limes; hatted restaurants, hotels, caterers, providores and home foodies.

We also export to many countries; fresh to the UK, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada and frozen to Japan, the USA, Thailand and New Zealand.

We were proud to be named as a Queensland State Winner in the “delicious. PRODUCE AWARDS 2016” and the Scenic Rim’s Business Innovation Award 2015.

Quality is everything to us.

We work hard at growing and supplying what we believe are the best finger limes in Australia. We take enormous pride in the service we provide and we have formed long lasting relationships with many of our Australian and International customers.

We ‘pick-to-order’ to ensure that you receive Finger Lime Caviar of the highest quality.


We love what we do and we hope it shows!